Cellular Communicators

What is a Cellular Communicator, and why do I need one?

Cellular communicators have been available for many years, and began as backup radios for regular landlines. Over the years, the cellular system became more and more reliable for alarm use, and landlines have become less reliable. These communicators are specially designed components for modern digital alarms and use the same cellular networks as personal phones, although they are usually limited to digital signals, not voice.
The traditional phone companies have been replacing copper wire lines with fiber optic and switching phone service to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), In so doing, the result is a far less reliable system. Whenever power is out, or the internet is unavailable, your alarm can no longer communicate with the Call Center in the event of any emergency.
Another consideration is whether or not a home landline is even necessary or going to be used, as most communications today are over individual cell phones.
Cellular communicators have solved these problems. They are connected to backup batteries (as is your alarm system) and are extremely reliable. (Cellular service generally prevails even in weather disaster situations.) As a result, cellular is no longer a “backup” but is a primary means of communicating alarm signals. To add to their reliability, most have built-in testing intervals to assure they are online and working properly.
We offer several types of communicators that provide everything from just basic alarm signal transmission, through the ability to check, arm and disarm your system from any smartphone, to the very sophisticated units with Z-wave capability that supports full home automation, conncected to your smartphone.
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