Understanding Value in Alarm Systems

Best Price + Best Quality + Best Service


We offer products and materials that are the finest in the industry. We can tailor the products to the needs of the job. There is no “upselling” beyond what is best to accomplish your needs and give you the complete peace of mind that your system and all of its components will deliver excellent results for years and years.
We also consider your future needs and anticipate changes you may wish to add, making sure the system we recommend will have the flexibility to serve you well now and in the future.
Larger, or more complex facilities still qualify for low rates, depending on the business. Let our experienced technicians review your needs and recommend the best options.


Whether you need a totally new system, changes to an existing one, or service of any type, we have fully trained, licensed alarm and fire alarm technicians to assure you of the best service possible.
For emergency service, we can often provide same day service. Your needs, safety and the protection of your assets are the sole focus of our technical staff.


While it is not our sole aim to be the lowest price in the business, we often are! There are no hidden costs or suprises to our services. We keep an eye on the best value for you today, and in the long run. We do not use gimmicks or confusing prices. If there is a better option for your particular situation, we will tell you and let you decide for yourself with no high pressure.
And, of course, we have no long term contracts. Our monitoring services are offered one year at a time.
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