Fire Alarms


Smoke Alarms

New homes today are required to have Smoke “Alarms” in each bedroom and each adjoining hallway. These alarms are designed to alert any occupants to the presence of smoke. They have proven to be valuable for the warning of occupants. These alarms are not part of your monitored system, and do not send any signals or alert those outside your house. They are simply loud warnings for the people inside.

Monitored Smoke/Heat Detectors

We can provide smoke, heat, and combination smoke/heat detectors that sound a unique alarm within your home and send an emergency fire signal to our Call Center, allowing us to dispatch the Fire Department within seconds, at a time when response minutes are critical
Even when you are away, your home is being constantly monitored.

By The time a neighbor sees smoke or flames,

It may also be too late to save your house!

Smoke/Heat Detector

Available in wired or wireless models, these detectors will recognize either smoke or excessive heat. They are installed in hallways and at the top of stairways.

Heat Rate-of-Rise Detector

For the attic or kitchen, where smoke is not the main convern, these will detect a rapid rate of temperature increase.

We also install and service Commercial Fire Systems of any size and provide Annual Systems Inspections.

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