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LIVE 24/7 CCTV Monitoring for your business

Protect your business with our dependable 24/7 monitoring of your video surveillance system by professional operators. The cost-effective next step to assure your peace of mind. Cameras can cover a much broader area than a Security Guard at a small fraction of the cost.

Access Control

Whether for yourself or a loved one living independently, our state-of-the-art personalsafety system provides the key link to emergency help when needed. In addition, ourfall detector will activate a response automatically.
And it goes with you wherever you go, ready to transmit your location instantly inthe event of an emergency. In a recent years, nearly 1/3 of our citizens over the age of 65 experienced a fall,which is the leading cause of accidental death. Having an automatic fall sensor is animperative feature and is critical to the well-being of seniors.

Fire Alarms

Business fire alarm systems must comply with current state and local requirements. To monitor a business fire system, we have a very low rate of $24.95 per month, using your current landlines. Again, we can install a Cellular Option, including a single radio that has been approved in most jurisdictions as a solecommunicator. Landline systems require two lines, one of which must be a dedicated line.
In addition, we offer Annual Fire Alarm Inspections and complete service for both your fire and intrusion alarms.


For small offices (under 3,500 sf), we can monitor your alarm at our low Residential rates. For additional security, we recommend a Cellular Communicator for sending signals to our Call Center.
Larger, or more complex facilities still qualify for low rates, depending on the business. Let our experienced technicians review your needs and recommend the best options.

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